About Us

At ABN, we work closely with our clients and are able to support a broad range of businesses and personal clients. As well as general accountancy services, we can also give advice for businеss development. With a strong, pro-active and forward thinking ethos, we will be able to help you identify strategies to help your businеss grow and achieve greater profitability.


We can help you with all of the standard stuff like forming a company, opening a bank account, registering for VAT etc. And that will certainly make your life easier. But we can be of even greater assistance and even more value to you by acting as a sounding board.

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Your annual accounts are an important businеss document. Prepared accurately and on time they can be far more useful than just recording what has historically happened in your business. Call us on 07799808830 for more information and to discuss your situation.

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Our experienced and friendly team of Russian speaking staff will help you to choose the best investment property based on your individual search criteria. All of our services are tailored to your needs, whether your are an owner or investor, to help you build up a high performing portfolio.

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