Use our dedicated payroll department and we will deal with all of the red tape that goes along with employing people nowadays.

We keep up to date daily with the rules and regulations and will process your regular wages or salaries accurately each time, ensuring that the complexities of PAYE, NIC, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, student loans deductions and working family tax credits have all been taken into account.

We’ll issue your pay slips and complete the multitude of online returns and year end forms that you are responsible for submitting as an employer.

Our systems have been designed to create 100% accuracy in even the most complex situations because payroll is one place that you really can’t afford to make mistakes – after all, even a small mistake or miscalculation in someones weekly wages can quickly compound into lump sum sized problem for you and your employee!

To find out more about our hassle free pay roll service, call us on 07799808830.


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