There’s nothing worse – you’ve just put in another year of blood, sweat and tears, you’ve paid your bills and paid your employees wages only to find that someone else now wants a big chunk of your hard earned money… and that ‘someone’ is the tax man! Of course, you don’t mind paying your way and contributing to society but you’re fed up reading in the newspapers about the mega rich and their tiny tax bills whilst you seem to be shouldering more than your fair share of the burden.

The good news is that the taxman is more than happy for you to arrange your affairs in a way that means you pay less than the headline tax rate that applies to the level of your personal income, any capital gains you make from the sale of assets or the profits you retain in your business.

In fact – read the next few words very carefully – paying the headline rate of tax is completely optional.

Ultimately, the amount of tax you pay is entirely dependent on how familiar you (or your advisors) are with the thousands of rules that make up the tax system.

We make it our job to be VERY familiar with the rules and how they apply specifically to you and your business, which means that you never pay a penny more in tax than you absolutely need to.

So give us a call on 07799808830 to arrange a free initial consultation. During the consultation you’ll discover if you are:

· Taking advantage of the many completely legal and ‘above board’ ways there are to tax efficiently take the profits out of your business.
· Due a tax refund – sometimes it’s even possible to go back and reclaim tax that has already been paid if you have overlooked a tax saving strategy in the past.
· Using the most effective structure for running your business today so that when you come to sell your business you get to keep as much money as possible.

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